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5 Different Types of Bathtubs

1.Contemporary Freestanding Bathtubs

The beauty of contemporary freestanding designs is their resilience. These tubs look sleek and welcoming in almost any interior design.

2.Soaking Bathtubs

A true bathing experience involve a complete body and head immpersion into a bath tub full of water. This design of tub would be deeper than the conventional generic tub so that it could hold more water. As can be expected there are various sizes, styles and shapes to choose from

3.Standard Alcove Bathtubs

These tubs are the most basic suitability because they are about the same length, width, and height. Installation usually means simply replacing an older tub in a located alcove.

4. Traditional Claw or Ball Feet Bathtub

These are freestanding tubs that have four feet shaped to sympathize either claws or balls. Some have smooth and flat tops and others have the classic slipper profile which benefits a higher turn on the head end of the tub.

5.Walk-in Bathtub

Rather than having to step over a two-foot side of a bathtub, a walk-in bathtub is easily reached by a level surface. The seniors  challenged individuals would appreciate the ease of entry and exit. There is a different device at the door which acts like a seal to hold and contain the water and a release button to allow the water to drain after use.

Amazing Brands of Bathtubs from Mahgoub

  • Duravit
  • Ideal standard