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The journey of some locally produced Egyptian ceramic wall tiles

Due to the fact that there are various types of wall tiles in the Egyptian market of different qualities and prices, Many sources independently verify that the actual known history of clay-based tiles (and the known usage of wall and floor coverings) can be traced back as far as the fourth millennium BC (4000 BC) to Egypt.

The different consisting materials of the ceramic tile

A ceramic is a material that is neither metallic nor organic. … Ceramics are more than pottery and dishes: clay, bricks, tiles, glass, and cement are probably the best-known examples.

The Advantages of ceramic tiles


When you choose glazed ceramic flooring tiles, you are getting the added bonus of a protective layer that sits on the material, which will make it impenetrable to water and stains.


Ceramic flooring is very tough, and the tiles are difficult to crack. If installed properly, ceramic flooring can last 10-20 years and longer if maintained.


Due to the hard surface of ceramic tiles, it tends to not attract any dirt, dust, animal hair, or pollens. This helps keep the air free of irritating materials to those that suffer from allergies.

The amazing kinds of ceramic tiles from mahgoub


Established in 1989, ‘GEMMA’ has become the leading manufacturer of high-end Ceramic and Porcelain tiles in Egypt and the Middle East. A renowned name in Ceramics Industry; our tiles are recognized for matching beauty and variety with craftsmanship and durability.

Art Ceramic

Believing that all should share this, we made it to transfer this beauty and joy to all of you. We sure know that we are not the first or the oldest in our field.

Innova Ceramica

With four top-of-the-line tile production facilities operating with a workforce of 6,000, Ceramica Innova currently turns out 100,000 m2 of tiles per day.

Ceramica Cleopatra group

Based in Tenth of Ramadan City, Ceramica Cleopatra Group is an Egyptian pioneer in ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles, sanitary ware, and bath set manufacturing.

Gloria Ceramic

Gloria Ceramic was founded in 2009 in Egypt with the objective of leading the ceramics industry in the region and transforming it to be led by trendsetting design and superior quality.