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Are floor tiles ceramic?

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are two elegant and versatile surfaces. These tiles can be found in kitchen and bathroom floors and on walls and backsplashes. The popular tiles are available in colors and designs to match – or create – the decor of your room will be in a different look with mahgoub.

Ceramic Tile Vs. Porcelain Tile





Benefits Of Using Porcelain Floor Tile

1. Streaming Resistance

Because of the method that porcelain tiles are crafted, they are denser and less porous than ceramic tiles are. They are highly liquid-resistant, making them perfect for use in bathrooms, basements, and other moist locations.

2. Highly Stain Resistant

For the same reasons that porcelain tile stands up so well to moisture, this material is also highly stained resistant. When stains get onto a surface they seep down in and set which is what makes them so difficult to remove. This is the reason that it’s so easy to stain untreated wood.


Careful construction practices provide enhance the strength of porcelain tile, preventing cracking and other cases that are more common with ceramic tile from happening. If you want to use tile in a commercial environment, or in a high traffic position, porcelain tile is likely the better option. This highly dense material is much harder to break, and it will withstand heavy use over time well. Porcelain tile can even stand to furniture better than ceramic tile can. In terms of durability, porcelain tile is just easier to rely on overtime.


There are few flooring options that hold up as well over time as porcelain tile does. That’s because porcelain tile is tough to break and it’s exceptionally hard, which means it is difficult to scratch or chip as well. When looking for the best in the latest tile trends, porcelain tile is a good solid option for consideration. Of the different tile flooring options, porcelain probably has the longest lifespan overall.

5.Low Maintenance

Because of their highly durable properties, porcelain tiles are simple to maintain. Simply wash them off regularly and clean up the grout in between and they will remain in good shape for years. Even if they become cracked or damaged they will continue looking decent because they have a uniform color all the way through.

5 Different brands of floor ceramic from Mahgoub

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