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Erbil 0030


Lvd 0010 Black

Vilora 0021

Remora 0063

Saphiro 0051

Canali 0030

Agura 0021

Agura 0024

Alora 0028

Alaska 0035

Arvel 0022

Arvel 0023

Saphiro 0038

Azalea 0048

Dezora 0040

Shower Mixer Aqua

Kitchen Mixer Slimline II

Kitchen Mixer Retta

Kitchen Mixer Kenora

Kitchen Mixer Europa

Kitchen Mixer Seva

Kitchen Mixer Nora

Kitchen Mixer Eurostorm

what is the mixer tap?

Mixer taps are the most popular style of tapware used in kitchens and bathrooms today. The basic idea is simple: rather than having a hot tap and a cold tap, mixer systems have just one tap delivering both hot and cold water, with the ratios striped by divide taps, or one or more levers.

shower taps styles

Two-Handle Mixer Taps

Monobloc Taps

Single Lever Taps

Bridge Mixer Taps

Wall-Mounted Taps

Pull-Out Spray Taps

types of amazing Local mixer tap brands from Mahgoub

types of amazing imported mixer tap brands from Mahgoub