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4 Types of Bathroom Furniture Explained

1. Bathroom Mirrors

These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and their purpose is both stylistic and functional. It’s simple because you can see your face, which will be beneficial to you to do many things including putting on makeup, pick your teeth, and shave your beard.

2. Bathroom Vanity Sinks

These are sinks that are built-in or freestanding that look better than standard sinks. Your home is more likely to have a built-in vanity (if it has one) because a freestanding one poses plumbing issues that your landlord will not want to deal with.

3. Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are found below the sink and have duplicated purposes. You can use cabinets to store household products, towels, a toilet plunger, or anything that you like to keep out of sight.

4. Medicine Cabinet

This bathroom feature is more useful to have to keep your medications and first aid supplies. It’s a small unit with shelves and hangs on the wall.